Faculty of Film and Television Technologies

Faculty of Film and Television Technologies

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You are about to enter a new stage of your life which defines your future. Cinematography and Television have a long history, wonderful moments of the present and future. The same future is waiting for you as a specialist in this sphere where millions of people of different profession are involved in it.

The following genius technical inventions in the Instrument Engineering, Electronics, Radio Engineering and Chemical Technology fields have caused Cinematography and Television development. Technological progress has brought the Internet as a new communication channel. Therefore, in the beginning of the XXI century we make our educational programs for Cinematography, Television and Media Industry as for a single creative and technological communication platform.

The language of the modern Cinematography, Radio, Television, the Internet Mass Media originates from the language of a practicing journalist. Students learn to convey points of view through video, voice message, photo, Infographics not only to readers but viewers and listeners with the help of special disciplines of the curricula in the Journalism and Television areas of study.

We develop and enhance the best traditions of our education, with the widespread installation of computer tools of production, distribution and viewing of the audiovisual media content. Students obtain professional knowledge and skills in the fields of Information Systems and Technologies, Digital Photography, Animation and Computer Graphics.


Image and audio components are the key ones of any media product. One should know and use devices of recording and playback of video and audio signals. A range of these devices varies from mobile phones to professional motion picture cameras and digital cinema projector giving a three-dimensional image in a large screen cinema. Film studio and movie theatre are the venues designed and maintained by our graduates. Also they should have knowledge in the fields like Certification, Service and Technosphere Safety.


Light sources are required for recording and image playback, and microphones, loud speakers and calculated correctly room acoustics – for audio recording and playback. Professional Lightning Technicians, specialists in Lighting Design, Sound and Acoustics get their education at the departments of our Institute.

Graduates of the Institute of Media Technology deals with light, sound and images not only in terms of Cinematography and Television or computer screen, but also in a film studio, concert and theatrical area, multimedia complex of a museum, school, house of culture.

Radio technical and electronic devices transmit TV programs via satellite and cable channels and these days via the Internet as well for you to watch a movie or interactive search news videos on a mobile phone or laptop screen. Our specialists in the Radio Engineering and Electronics field can create a processing chain as well as develop an innovative device or digital one for a specific purpose or mass production.

Nowadays the project method of the organization of both the technological and creative activity is widely spread in Media Industry. Project management requires specialists in Innovation Studies who are able to create new and improve the existing technical platforms for Film and Television production, based on the latest methods of image display.

Our international relationships allow the students to continue their education in the universities abroad, to participate in international educational projects, take part in international film festivals and scientific conferences.

We believe that you obtain knowledge and competence to develop your talent and become a successful specialist who contribute to creative industries development in Russia of the XXI century!