XXXIII International Festival of Intellectual Games White Nights took place in Saint Petersburg

5 July 2022

July 2-3, 2022 took place The XXXIII International Festival of Intellectual Games "White Nights – SPUFT", which was organised with organizational and informational support of SPUFT.

This competition has been held in Saint Petersburg for more than thirty years – since 1991. It is the oldest and most authoritative tournament of an expert level all over the world. More than 57 teams, representatives of dozens of cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Magnitogorsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kolomna, etc.) competed in the contest.

More than 350 intellectuals took part in the games over two days. The competition for the right to take a part in the contest was very high – the Organizing Committee selected only the strongest teams. The organizer of the festival is the Saint Petersburg Intellectual Games Club Kolomna, that was declared the best intellectual games club of 2007. And in 2010, the festival received the "Tournament of the Year" award.

White Nights is the pride of Saint Petersburg. It is the last major intellectual tournament of the season, it kind of draws a line, puts an end to the series of intellectual competitions.

Among the regular participants of the festival are the stars of the elite club What? Where? When?: the owners of the "Crystal Owl" award – Mikhail Moon, Mikhail Skipsky, Vladimir Antokhin; popular connoisseurs Sergey Vivatenko, Alyona Povysheva, Anatoly Wasserman, Boris Belozerov and many others. It is gratifying to note that the organizer of the tournament and the well-known expert Sergey Vivatenko is an associate professor of SPUFT's Department of Humanities.

Unlike the TV version of the game What? Where? When?, questions are asked to all participating teams at the same time. The answers are collected in writing after a minute. The team that has the greatest amount of correct answers wins. So, within two days, 75 questions were asked to the connoisseurs, the best team scored 51 points! 

After two days of hard struggle, the three winners were announced, and the main prize was won by the team La Scala from Saint Petersburg. Its leader is a well-known expert Aleksand Martynov. The team of Stanochnitseu took the second place. The third place award was taken by the Moscow team Konstantin Ruder's Team.

The next XXXIII tournament will be held on July 6-7, 2023, join us!