68th International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions's presentation took place at SPUFT

30 September 2022

On September 28, the concert hall of St Petersburg State University of Film and Television was filled with students, connoisseurs of creativity, who wished to explore the best works of world's advertising industry. The presentation of the 68th International Festival of Creativity "Cannes Lions" took place there, within the framework of which the best examples of the world's advertising cinema art were presented.  Viewers had the opportunity to see the best advertisements of this year on a big screen, as well as to get an idea of the latest marketing technologies and trends of the future.

Rector Natalia Ludvigovna Gorina opened the presentation. She shared the festival's history and its traditions. Cannes Lions International Festival is the most prestigious festival that gathers a huge audience of professionals in the field of global marketing and advertising. It has been held annually since 1954 and began as a festival of commercials. Today, Cannes Lions International Festival is the largest event in the field of advertising, marketing, design, and media industry. Every year the Festival gathers representatives of businesses directly related to advertising. During the Festival, an exhibition of advertising works from all around the world is organized. The winners receive prestigious prizes. Cannes Lions is a recognition of outstanding creativity in the field of television and film advertising, outdoor advertising, interactive advertising and the best media solutions.

This year with the support of the representative office of the Cannes Lions Festival in Russia, SPUFT's student Anastasia Semeshina was able to visit this prestigious event.

Nastya was lucky enough to become a student of the famous Roger Hatchwell Academy. This is a week-long creative training course within the framework of the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Every year twenty-five young creatives from all around the world  become students of the Academy. The best creative directors give them lectures and share their practical experience. This is a truly unique opportunity to discover best that is in the world of advertising, and to gain knowledge from the first persons of this world.

"The main thing you can get from the Festival is communication, these people, this acquaintance with the most titled and famous creators from all over the world. This is an opportunity to meet potential employers and make useful contacts. The Cannes Lions gave me an incredible boost to motivation. My career dream was visualized and acquired clear features. I am ready to work hard to come to Cannes next time not as a student, but as a person who can offer something to the creative advertising industry."

Before the viewing videos-winners of the 68th International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions Natalia Gorina, addressing the students, pointed out that in order to become part of the global film industry, it is necessary not only to master the profession, it is necessary to learn English.

Two commercials concluding the viewing were presented by producer the Russian representative of the Cannes Lions Festival, Daniil Kostinsky. He explained that these two projects, which received the highest award of the Grand Prix festival, should be mentioned specifically. Usually only one video can be named the winner of the festival, but this year the jury, paying tribute to the high quality of the material, awarded the prize to two projects. The first of them was created as a presentation of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Due to the pandemic, it took part in the festival two years after its creation. The uniqueness of the second one lies in the fact that its duration is six and a half minutes, which significantly exceeds the permitted time limit. The video is a real action-packed short film. The jury recognized it as a masterpiece and awarded the Grand Prix. In conclusion, Daniil Kostinsky wished everyone a pleasant viewing and new acquaintances.