Application Process

Guide to the application process for different types of courses

There are two ways for applying to study at St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television:

  1. If you speak Russian, you can enter the University without special preferences, passing entrance examinations equally with Russian citizens and other foreigners who speak Russian
  2. ​If you don't speak Russian, we offer to study Russian before studying at the University  during one year at the additional educational program "Russian as a foreign language".
  1. Choose area of study – see Our Faculties
  2. Choose mode of study – Full-time, Part-time, Distance learning; find out, which type of degree courses the University offers at the chosen area and the duration of the course – Bachelor's Degree (4-5 years study), Master's Degree (2 years study), Specialist (5-6 years study), Post Graduate Study (3-4 years study) – see Training Areas
  3. If you apply for the place with payment of tuition fee – see The Cost of Training
  4. Apply  during applying period (according to your category) – see Appication Period
  5. To get the list of documents –  see List of Documents
  6. To get the list of examinations for your area – see Entrance Examinations
  7. If you must take creative and professional entrance examinations, see Creative Entrance Examinations