Ekaterina Sazonova appointed Rector of SPUFT

10 October 2023

On October, 10 Ekaterina Sazonova was appointed Rector of the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television by the order of Russian Ministry of Culture.

Ekaterina Sazonova is a PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education, and a graduate of the Economics Department of the St. Petersburg University of Film and Television.

After graduation Ekaterina Sazonova worked at the Department of Management of Economic and Social Processes in Film and Television Industry as an assistant and associate professor, in 2003 she received the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences, in 2008 – the title of an associate professor. From 2007 to 2011 Ekaterina Vladimirovna was the scientific secretary of the dissertation council. Ekaterina Sazonova's total scientific and pedagogical experience is 22 years.

During her work she has published 89 scientific works: 6 textbooks, 1 monograph, 54 articles, 28 methodological guidelines.

Since 2013 Ekaterina Sazonova has been the Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education, Associate Professor of the Department of Project Management in the Media Industry. Working as Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education, she has made a significant contribution to the development of this area of education.

During the period of her leadership, the faculty has developed and conducted more than 250 additional professional advanced training and retraining programmes in the field of cinematography and television, as well as additional general education programmes for children and applicants.

Since 2021, Ekaterina Sazonova has been the head of the unique project Interregional Film Reserve for Creative Youth, which aims to create social lifts through which young filmmakers living in the regions that do not have specialized film education at the "middle" level have additional opportunities for professional growth and self-realisation. The project has now been implemented in 10 regions of the Russian Federation, with more than 300 specialists included in the project base.

In 2019, Ekaterina Sazonova was awarded the Certificate of Honour of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation for significant services in the field of education and many years of conscientious work.