Our Faculties

Faculty of Screen Arts

52.03.06 Dramaturgy (Bachelor's Degree)
Program: Screenwriter

52.04.02 Dramaturgy (Master's Degree)
Program: Screenwriter

52.05.01 Actor’s Art (Specialist)
Specialization: Drama Theatre and Film Actor

55.05.01 Film and TV Directing (Specialist)

  • Director of Fiction Film and TV Film
  • Director of Non-Fiction Film and TV Film
  • Director of TV Films and TV Programmes
  • Director of Animation and Computer Graphics
  • Director of Multimedia

55.05.02 Sound Production of Audio-Visual Arts (Specialist)

55.05.03 Cinematography (Specialist)
Specializations: TV Cameraman

55.05.04 Producing (Specialist)

  • Producer of Film and TV
  • Producer of TV and Radio Programmes

55.05.05 Film Studies (Specialist)
Specialization: Specialist in Film Studies, Art Blogger


Faculty of Media Technologies

09.03.02 Information systems and technologies (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Intelligent Systems and Technologies in Media Art

11.03.01 Radio Engineering (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Audio-visual Technologies

42.03.01 Advertising and PR (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Advertising and PR in Media

42.03.02 Journalism (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Journalism in Media Industry

42.03.04 Television (Bachelor’s Degree)

  • TV Production and Broadcasting
  • Correspondent and host of television programs

42.04.04 Television (Master's Degree)
Program: Television Industry

50.03.01 Arts and Humanities (Bachelor's Degree)
Program: Project Activity in Cinematography and Television

51.03.02 Folk Art Culture (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Leading of Film, Photo and Video Creative Studio

51.04.02 Folk art culture (Master’s Degree)
Program: Artistic Photography

54.03.01 Design (Bachelor's Degree)
Program:  Design in Media Industry

54.03.04 Restoration (Bachelor's Degree)
Specialization:  Restoration of Films and Photographs

54.05.03 Graphics (Specialist)
Specialization: Animation and Computer Graphics Artist


Faculty for Continuing Education (in Russian)