Faculty of Media Technologies

About Faculty

Cinema and television phenomena were originated from ingenious technical inventions of instrument engineering, electronics, and radio engineering and digital technologies. The faculty is developing educational programs for both cinema and television.

The Department of Photography and Folk Art Culture provides both profound theoretical knowledge of photography and invaluable experience of field work. A unique area of expertise of the faculty is providing training in the field of restoration of film and photo documents.

Computer graphics and animation is an exciting area of artistic and technical creative activity. Our graduates work as production designers, web page designers, animated films and advertising graphics artists, and designers in the social and cultural spheres.

The alumni of the faculty work with the image, sound and light not only for the cinema and television or computer screen, but also in the studios, the concert and theatrical platforms, the multimedia complex of museums, schools and culture centres.

Our international contacts and connections allow the students to continue education in partner universities abroad, join international educational projects, and participate in international film festivals and scientific conferences.

Study Programmes

09.03.02 Information systems and technologies (Bachelor’s Degree)

Program: Intelligent Systems and Technologies in Media Art

11.03.01 Radio Engineering (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Audio-visual Technologies

42.03.01 Advertising and PR (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Advertising and PR in Media

42.03.02 Journalism (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Journalism in Media Industry

42.03.04 Television (Bachelor’s Degree)

Program: TV Production and Broadcasting

42.04.04 Television (Master's Degree)
Program: Television Industry

50.03.01 Arts and Humanities (Bachelor's Degree)
Program: Filmmaking

51.03.02 Folk Art Culture (Bachelor’s Degree)
Program: Leading of Film, Photo and Video Creative Studio

51.04.02 Folk art culture (Master’s Degree)
Program: Artistic Photography

54.03.01 Design (Bachelor's Degree)
Program:  Design in Media Industry

54.03.04 Restoration (Bachelor's Degree)
Specialization:  Restoration of Films and Photographs

54.05.03 Graphics (Specialist)
Specialization: Animation and Computer Graphics Artist