International Relations Office

International Activities of St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television

The international activities are a priority for the development of our University. Developing global education market, establishing and maintaining partnerships with foreign universities, and adopting the practices of other universities by sharing our own, we are expanding the horizons of our scientific, cultural and creative fulfillment.

St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television has extensive creative and scientific relations with universities and organizations in Europe, Asia and the CIS, teaching foreign students, making student and teacher exchanges, holding international conferences and creative meetings and joint projects.

The University is actively developing relations with foreign educational and scientific institutions and organizations. There are more than 30 agreements and contracts with universities in China, Finland, South Korea, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Armenia, on cooperation in cultural, artistic, technical and educational fields.

The University participates in the activities of international organizations in the film industry, electronics and television. Also St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television is a member and an active participant in the work of the International Association of Film Schools CILECT.