Actor's Art

52.05.01 Actor's Art

Specialization: Drama theatre and film actor
Qualification: Drama theatre and film actor

Cinema, as well as theatre, does not exist without the actor. The actor is one of the most important, the key element of cinema. It is the actor who plays the greatest role in providing an emotional connection between the audience and the screen. An actor reigns over the hearts of viewers. It is the actor who is seen and known by the public.

Acting art in Russia has a long-lasting history, renowned school and outstanding achievements. The school of acting art started with the establishment of theatre and has made significant progress in its development.

Students of the speciality "Actor’s Art" develop their skills and abilities for performing roles in films and television films, dramatic performances of different genres by training in acting and maintaining their physical form and psychophysical condition. The actor can later work as an assistant director and lead actor's training, teaching acting mastery and related subjects in educational institutions.

St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television is an ideal launching pad for those who want to become an actor not only in cinema, but also in theatre. Future actors get a unique opportunity to learn in a common space with future film and television directors, cameramen, sound producers, screenwriters and film critics. Since the first year of study, students play roles in educational and professional films, training performances, participate in dubbing of films. Best actors’ works participate in festivals and competitions.

Each year, students undergo internships at film and television studios of St. Petersburg or on the stage of uniquely equipped cinema and concert complex of our University.

Course supervisors, teachers of stage speech, stage movement, vocal and musical education are the leading experts in the field of acting, People’s and Honoured Artists of Russia, winners of international and national film festivals.

In September 2015, the Department of Artistic Motion was established on the basis of the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet. The training at the department is of an applied nature, aimed at obtaining practical knowledge and mastering such disciplines as scenic movement, dance, fencing (stage battle), artistic motion in the play and movie.

Curriculum Disciplines

Basic part: basic professional foreign language; philosophy; history; psychology and pedagogy; Russian language and speech standards; sociology; organization of theatrical works; fundamentals of law and copyright in media industry; cultural studies; aesthetics; information systems and technologies, history of Russian literature; history of world literature; history of world theatre; history of world theatre directing; history of national cinematography; history of foreign cinematography; history of music; history of Russian and foreign fine art; history of drama theatre art; acting; stage speech; stage movement; dancing; fencing (stage battle); artistic motion in drama and TV; musical education; vocal band; vocal (individual lessons); make-up; drama theatre and film actor's mastery; stage speech in drama and TV.

Variable part: psychology of creativity, basics of screenwriting; television and radio actor's mastery.

Electives: history of religions, mythology, theatre business abroad; fundamentals of producing; an analysis of the play and the performance, analysis of the film; fundamentals of TV film directing, the basics of directing of a feature film.