Международный фестиваль студенческих фильмов ПИТЕРКИТ


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29 November 2023

The closing ceremony of the international stage of the XXIII International Student Film Festival PiterKiT took place on November, 28 in SPUFT.

17 October 2023

The annual Festival will be held in two stages: the first stage (for SPUFT students) –October, 19-23, and the second stage (international) – November, 24-28 in the SPUFT's concert hall (Bukharestskaya street, 22) and in the creative space "Loft" (Pravdy street, 13).

17 November 2022

Winners of the XXII International Student Film Festival "PiterKiT" were announced in the cinema concert hall of SPUFT on November, 16. Among the laureates are students of SPUFT, as well as representatives of other Russian and foreign film schools.