"PiterKiT" Film Festival second stage's results

17 November 2022

Winners of the XXII International Student Film Festival "PiterKiT" were announced in the cinema concert hall of SPUFT on November, 16. Among the laureates are students of SPUFT, as well as representatives of other Russian and foreign film schools.

The award ceremony was opened by video diary of the Festival's second stage. The audience saw the backstage of the festival, the rehearsal of the artists, fragments of master classes and performances of the organizers of the event. 

Prize named after V. And. Merezhko was awarded for the best screenplay by Alexander Pozdnyakov, honorary cinematographer of the Russian Federation, honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation and Ivan Merezhko, director, production designer. 

Before naming the winner, Alexander Pozdnyakov noted: "It is considered that the script is good when it has wonderful dialogues and wonderful intrigue. But no less important are intonation and atmosphere. What I see now draws me into the spontaneous atmosphere of a wonderful festival." He recalled that a total of 80 scripts from 22 film schools were submitted to the competition. After carefully reviewing each of them, the jury determined the winner. It was the work of Maya Orazova (SPUFT, drama class of Yuri Klepikov and Anna Tugareva) "Dear Grandfather".

Ivan Merezhko said that the SPUFT meant a lot to his father, Viktor Merezhko: "Since our father started working here, he reverently mentioned the University every time. My sister Masha and I are very grateful to the University for honoring the memory of our father. And Dad, I'm sure, looks down and is sincerely glad that everything is going very well at the University and the Festival."

Winner in the nomination "Best Documentary" was named by film critic and film expert Sitora Aliyeva. It became the "Philharmonic" directed by Anastasia Korabelnikova (SPUFT, class of Viktor Vasiliev). 

Presenting the prize for the best feature film, director Vladimir Bitokov admitted that he feels great pleasure from participating in "PiterKiT". "When I made my first film and received an award at the Baltic Debuts Festival, Alexander Kott was the chairman of the jury. Now we are both jury members and argue, evaluating films. I hope that the director of this film after some time will sit with us in the jury and argue, evaluating other works. He deserves it," said Vladimir Bitokov. 

Prize in the nomination "Best feature film" was awarded to the work "Phantom pains" directed by Vyacheslav Belomestnykh (SPUFT, class of A. Antonov). "I had not been making this film all alone. I was helped by a large team that is now sitting in the audience. I would like to thank Ekaterina Ermakova, our producer, Ekaterina Pashkova, who picked up such excellent actors, Dmitry Zubenko, who made a pavilion just perfect, and many others. Thanks to my master – Artem Antonov," he said. 

Winner of the Grand Prix were announced by Mikhail Boyarsky, president of the Festival, People's Artist of the RSFSR, Natalia Gorina, general producer of the Festival, rector of SPUFT, and chairman of the jury of the second stage of the Festival, director of feature films, screenwriter, producer, actor Alexander Kott.

The highest award of the PiterKiT Festival was awarded to the film "I Met You on My Way to the Cemetery" directed by Johnny Doov (Steve Tisch School of Film & Television, Tel-Aviv University, Israel). The cameraman of the film, Joe Magal, got on stage to receive the award, thanking the Festival and St. Petersburg for the warm welcome. A representative of the Consulate General of Israel in St. Petersburg joined congratulations to the winner.  

Concluding the Festival, Natalia Gorina thanked the jury members for their grandiose and selfless work, and also expressed hope for the further development of the Festival: "I think that our full-length competition should be expanded. And I dream that someday it will include films-debuts of graduates of our University. For my part, I will make every effort to make this happen. Many thanks to all the representatives of film crews of full-length films who came, presented films and became full participants of our Festival. We are waiting for you to visit us again. Thank you all very much! I congratulate you on the fact that our Festival happened!"

Mikhail Boyarsky admitted that he is insanely jealous of young filmmakers who became participants of the Festival, and considers them happy people: "You are at the very beginning of your journey, everything is ahead of you. And it's such a happiness when springs are beating in your soul, which are unknown to anyone yet. And you will be able to give this clean water to the audience, children, grandchildren. You inspire everyone who meets you. It is very important. You have a wonderful profession – don't lose it. And remember that cinema is not a goal, it is a means, and you have something to say to people. I am very glad that you are in St. Petersburg. All the flags will be visiting us, and we will take pictures in the open!"


XXII International Student Film Festival "PiterKiT"'s winners:


Grand Prix – "I Met You on My Way to the Cemetery", Steve Tisch School of Film & Television, Tel-Aviv University, (Israel), director Johnny Doov, DOP Joe (Yoad) Magal, sound designer Amotz Glass, producer Omri Samson.

Best Fiction Film – "Phantom Pains", SPUFT (Russia), directed by Vyacheslav Belomestnykh (class of A. Antonov), cameraman Maria Dodon (class of I. Bagaev, V.  Vasilyev), sound designer Dmitry German (class of M. Sheinman, P.  Volynkin), producer Ekaterina Ermakova (class of P.  Danilov)

Best Documentary Film – "Philharmonic", SPUFT (Russia), directed by Anastasia Korabelnikova (class of V. E. Vasiliev), cameraman Sergey Sokolov (class of N.  Volkov, S. Lando), sound designer Daria Gegeshko (class of M. Sheinman, P.  Volynkin), producer Anna Ivanova (class of P.  Danilov, N. Sabelnikova)

Best Animated Film – "Malevich. Beyond Zero", SPUFT (Russia), directed by Ivan Baturin (class of V. And. Gurkalenko and M. Morozov), cameramen Evgeny Khalyavsky (class of N. Volkov, S. Lando), Yulia Popova (class of D. Dolinin, S. Kovalenko, Yu. But. Shaigardanov), sound designer Daniil Starkov (class of M. Sheinman), producer Anastasia Potanina (class of P. Danilov)

Prize named after V.I. V. Merezhko prize for the Best Screenplay – Maya Orazova, script "Dear Grandfather", SPUFT (Russia), class of Yuri Klepikov and Anna Tugareva 

Best Feature Debut Film "Country Sasha" (Russia), director Julia Trofimova