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1 November 2023

The colleagues discussed issues of further cooperation within the framework of the international programme of cooperation in the field of education.

19 September 2023

The film script was selected last autumn at the IV Russian-Chinese pitching of student synopses for film, television and new media "ONEFUTURE". The event was organised by SPUFT, Jilin Animation Institute (Jilin City, China) and SILK ROAD MEDIA production centre.

29 May 2015

The premiere of the documentary short film "Repin. Life on the border” took place in the Museum “Estate of I.Ye.Repin “Penates” within the framework of The Night of Museums. This film is the result of joint work of students of creative specialties of St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television and students of The Faculty of Media of The University of Applied Sciences of Karelia (Joensuu, Finland), participated in the international project of student and teacher exchange, which is the fourth year successfully connects the film crew of Russian and Finnish students.