SPUFT welcomed a delegation from Hainan Normal University

1 November 2023

The colleagues discussed issues of further cooperation within the framework of the international programme of cooperation in the field of education.

The delegation was welcomed by Rector of SPUFT, Ekaterina Sazonova; Vice-Rector, Veronika Kondratenko; Vice-Rector for Educational and Scientific Work and one of the teachers participating in the programme of interaction with the Chinese side, Pavel Danilov; Head of the Department of Dramaturgy, Svetlana Melnikova, who is a leading curator of the programme with the Chinese side; Head of the International Relations Office, Diana Markaryan; Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, Svetlana Filipenkova; Head of the Distance Learning Department, Alexey Zolotarev; Acting Dean of the Faculty of Screen Arts, Irina Sakharova; Specialist in Educational and Methodological Work, Igor Pukhnavtsev; Head of Legal Department, Marina Vitolina.

The Chinese delegation included Bai Xianliang, Vice-Rector of the Hainan Normal University; Qing Zhijun, Director of the Institute of Journalism, Broadcasting, Film and Television; Chen Hong, Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs of the Institute of Marxism; Chen Yu, Russian language teacher, Secretary of the Russian-Chinese project of the Institute of Journalism, Broadcasting, Film and Television.

Ekaterina Sazonova, Rector of SPUFT, welcomed the guests:

"I am glad that we have been able to successfully co-operate since 2017, and that we always reach consensus on any issues that arise. The difficult period of the pandemic is now finally over, and we are happy that we were able to welcome your students back to St Petersburg and our teachers were able to go back to teach at your university." 

For now two Chinese graduates have already successfully completed their studies and received diplomas from SPUFT. Teachers of the University periodically go to Hainan – the next visits are planned for November and December. According to Bai Xiangliang, Vice-Rector of Hainan Normal University, the programme of cooperation with SPUFT has been checked by a special commission of the Ministry of Education in China. As a result of the inspection, approval was received to continue the exchange of experience and close co-operation between the two sides.

"It is gratifying that our cooperation has been recognised as effective. The Russian-Chinese educational exchange is the first international project implemented by Hainan Normal University. Hainan Province intends to continue to pay special attention to such projects as it plans to enlarge the province's open international trade port. Hainan is China's southernmost point, a sea pearl that attracts tourists and businesses. A new round of development will require the establishment of new international ties, including in the field of education," emphasised Bai Xianliang.

He also expressed his admiration for St. Petersburg, which he visited for the first time, and invited all those present to Hainan.

Ekaterina Sazonova, in her turn, invited Chinese colleagues to participate next year in the International Student Film Festival "PeterKiT" as jury members, and also expressed her hope that among the participants of the Festival will be films of Chinese students.

In continuation of the meeting all issues concerning further co-operation between SPUFT and Hainan Normal University were discussed, and it was decided to make clarifying additions to the existing agreement, which will strengthen the alliance of the parties.

Special thanks go to Ekaterina Sazonova, Rector of SPUFT; Veronika Kondratenko, Vice-Rector; Pavel Danilov, Vice-Rector for Education and Research; Irina Sakharova, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Screen Arts; Svetlana Melnikova, Head of the Department of Dramaturgy; staff of the Faculty of Continuing Education, International Relations Office, Educational and Methodological Department, Legal Department, Transport Department for their participation and assistance in organising the visit of the delegation from Hainan Normal University.