Student’s Film Is Included into the 67th Cannes Film Festival Programme

13 May 2014

May 14th  is the opening of the main European Film Festival in France. The Painted Bird film, student’s work by Evgeniy Tatarov, a graduate from the University of Film and Television (SPbGUKiT),  is included into the Short Film Corner of the Festival this year.

Director of the film, a graduate from the Faculty of Creative Screen Professions SPbGUKiT (Fiction Film Directing Studio by K.S. Lopushansky), calls his film as a story of opposition between lofty feelings and the world around.

Evgeniy Tatarov participated with his works in large number of Film Festivals in Russia and abroad: the St. Anna (Moscow), the Real Heroes Film Festival (Magnitogorsk), the CourToujours (Switzerland), the Russian Spring (Tunis), and was nominated as prize-winner for the Best Directing and the Best Camerawork at the yearly PiterKiT Film Festival at the University of Film and Television. Evgeniy Tatarov and Vasiliy Ivanov, cameraman, are heading now to the Promenade de la Croisette.

Also the Director has started his work on his first full-length feature film at one of the studio in Saint-Petersburg. Title, plot and the opening night of the movie is still concealed by Evgeniy.

Students’ works from the University of Film and Television took part in the Short Programme of the Cannes Festival several times. The F5 film, diploma work by Timofey Zhalnin (Film Studio by S.M. Ovcharov) was presented in Cote d'-Azur in different years, the It Doesn’t Matter film by Director Kseniya Shutochkina (Film Studio by S.M. Ovcharov), the Boys film (Director Iliya Kazankov) by Anastasia Kazankova, a graduate student from the Producing Business Department, and the Plankton film by Vladimir Sukharev, a graduate student from the Sound Producing Department (Director Sergey Kupriyanov).