SPUFT selects student films for the CILECT competition

25 December 2023

SPUFT is an official full member of CILECT, which is the largest international association of cinema, audiovisual and media schools.

Traditionally, three student works are sent to the annual competition: fiction film, non-fiction film and animation. Those works are watched by members of the CILECT Association, which today includes representatives of 175 film schools from 65 countries. In turn, students and teachers of the University are able to get familiar with some of the best works created by young filmmakers from different parts of the world, which will certainly enrich the educational process.

Membership in CILECT is a special responsibility and honor. Only three Russian universities are members of this largest association and represent our country in the world cinematographic community. It is not easy to become a member of the Association – a candidate needs to meet a number of high requirements.

Annually there are 160 works presented in the category Feature Film, 100 works presented in the category Non-fiction Film, and 60 works presented in the category Animation.

Experts from each CILECT member film school select 5 best films in each category. Based on these evaluations, the annual rating of the Association is compiled. SPUFT films consistently take a worthy place in the rating, which is an additional incentive for further victories and confirmation of a high level of education.

The next competition will take place next year – now the teachers responsible for this issue are selecting films to be submitted on the behalf of SPUFT. The results of the competition will be known after July 15, 2024.

Cooperation between the University and the Association is developing: recently an agreement was signed that all films of CILECT students that have ever participated in the competition will be included in a common database, and representatives of CILECT member film schools (with special access) will be able to view films from previous years. Special access and the right to view all films that have previously participated in the competition will be granted to SPUFT.  

CILECT was founded in 1954. SPUFT became a member of CILECT in 1990.