Rector congratulates on the 1st of September

1 September 2022

Dear students and postgraduates, dear teachers, staff of our University and, of course, first-year students. I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of a new academic year at one of the leading centers of cinematographic education in Russia – the State University of Film and Television in St. Petersburg!

For all of us, the 1st of September has a special significance. It is inextricably linked with new beginnings and opportunities, bold experiments and discoveries. On this day we traditionally not only give a solemn start to a new academic year, but also welcome yesterday's schoolchildren in our friendly family of the University. A very special important time begins for our first-year students, who can now try themselves in various projects, learn new things, be creative.

Being a student is the best time in every person's life. This is the time when young people lay the foundation for their future, make friends, establish useful contacts, master the profession. The staff of our University will help you in your quest to acquire new knowledge and skills. The teaching staff, the Academic Council, the Art Council and the Rector's office will do everything they can to ensure you become professional and educated people, creators of the future and will carry with dignity the high title of St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television's graduate. Be the best in your studies, and then you will definitely become the best in the profession.

Before the new academic year’s beginning, I sincerely wish our students successful studies and excellent grades! I wish our teachers fruitful work and joy for the successes of their students! Good luck to everyone, good health, prosperity and happiness!