Students of SPUFT are winners of the Shanghai Student Film Festival

9 January 2023

Students of Saint Petersburg University of Film and Television received 15th Shanghai Student Film Festival’s awards in two categories at once - "Best Cinematography" and "Best Animated Short Film".

Graduate of camerawork class of N. Volkov, Anton Ryzhenkov received an award in the nomination "Best Cinematography" for a documentary film "Career" (directed by Dmitry Kargapolov, graduate of directing non-fiction films and TV films class of by P. Medvedev).

Anastasia Klimova, a student of animation directing class of G. Voropai, received an award in the nomination "Best Animated Short Film" for her work "On the Run". 


The Shanghai Student Film Festival has been held on the initiative of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and East China Pedagogical University for 15 years. This year, its program included five contests: short films, original scripts, presenters, video ads and short films dedicated to the Communist Youth League of China. The festival was attended by representatives of 150 universities in China and other countries, including Russia and South Korea.