Chinese students were welcomed at SPUFT

17 May 2023

On May 15, a solemn meeting of foreign guests took place at the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television. Students and teachers from Hainan Normal University were welcomed by representatives of the university.  As part of the foreign delegation, Secretary of the Committee of the Youth Union Cai Ting and acting teacher Ruan Yongchen visited St. Petersburg.

The meeting was attended by SPUFT's chinese students who also act as curators of groups.

The Prorector for Scientific and Educational Work, Doctor of Technical Sciences Alexander Babayan addressed with a welcoming speech.

"I am glad to welcome you to our University. I hope that the goals you have set will be achieved. Russian cinema has its own traditions, and we would like you to get into our culture and get the best out of it," Alexander Babayan said.

International students will work with teachers and fellow students for a month. They will present their prepared thesis works – scripts of short films. Also, students of Hainan Normal University will take part in a series of workshops, visit the Memorial Museum of the Defense and Blockade of Leningrad, and the Theater on Liteyny.

"Our group from Hainan University is the first one to come to St. Petersburg to defend their theses in person. I hope that these 28 days at the University will be useful not only professionally, but will also give us new knowledge about Russia and new acquaintances," the secretary of the Youth Union Committee, adviser Cai Ting shared his expectations.

The uniqueness of this program lies in the fact that students study at two educational institutions at once – thus, future TV workers will receive two diplomas.

The head of the department, Professor and Doctor of Art History Svetlana Melnikova noted that the students of Hainan Normal University studying in this program are very disciplined and responsibly approach the performance of creative tasks.