SPUFT student's film is included in the program of the Student Academy Awards (Oscar)

7 June 2023

The film "Neglekt" directed by Maria Streltsova was included in the program of the Student Academy Awards. The semi-final of the competition will be held in July 2023

The film "Neglekt" tells the audience about terrible consequences of psychological abuse of parents over children. How does this violence inherits, and how it returns to parents in old age. The authors want to draw the attention of viewers to how important it is to be attentive to your actions and how important it is to break the chain of anger and resentment if it has already been launched in previous generations.
The main character is Lyudmila, whose peaceful life is disrupted by the progressive dementia of her tyrant father, which puts the woman faces a difficult choice: to leave him or stay to care for someone who caused her so much pain.

Maria Streltsova is a student of the workshop of Viktor Vasiliev and Valentina Zakharova.

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLAYNCvQNiI

The Student Academy Awards is an annual international student film competition, established in 1972 by the American Academy of Cinematographic Arts in order to identify and encourage new talents among students in the field of cinematography.
Every year, student directors from all over the world send their works in the categories "Animation", "Documentary", "Experiment" and "Reportage". The winners receive grants and cash prizes.