Our student received a government award

5 June 2018

The owner of the "Grand Prix" of the festival "PeterKiT" student of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television Daniella Rybakyan took part in the competition for the city government prize. For the film "Asya" she received the main award, as well as a letter of thanks, signed by the Governor of St. Petersburg, Georgi  Poltavchenko

The film "Asya" is Daniella's first work. The debut, which found response in many hearts both inside our University, and beyond. The history of the relationship between daughter and mother, the clash of two generations reveals not only fundamental problems, but also raises important questions for modern youth. The director told about what idea she tried to convey to the viewer:

- The main idea of my film - through the main characters, through a separate story, to show one of the most global, in my opinion, problems of modern society. We have forgotten how to communicate with each other. Perhaps it is somehow connected with technological progress, with the new time, but now we have reached the point that we are not able to hear what our relatives tell us.

In addition to winning the film festival "PeterKiT", the film took part in the international festival of student works "Beginning", where received the main prize for the best short film, and "Asya" won the nomination "Best Screenplay" at the 25th Open Film Festival of student and debut films "Holy Anna". In the near future, Daniella Rybakyan is going to send the film for several more screenings, however, the student does not plan to stop at the achieved:

- At the moment I am working on a new project, it is called "Noise" and in it I will try to convey my perception of time through this term. Recently, I often began to catch myself thinking that in public places I can not hear anything but noise: empty chatter, gossip, it all revolves around us and literally drowns new ideas and hopes.

Movies that raise acute issues of our time - this is the feature that highlights the students of our university. Even at such a young age, they see the problems of the current generation and are not afraid to tell stories about them and make films.


Department of Information and Public Relations