David Pozdyrka is the winner of the Echo BRICS Film Festival

6 December 2023

David's film What Happened Before the Guests Had Arrived won the first prize in the Short Film category at the Echo BRICS Film Festival.

The film shows a complicated relationship between a guy and a girl, brothers, children and parents. Roman, the main character, arrives to his hometown from Moscow, where he studies photography. His brother Gleb plans to marry soon, and the family arranges a holiday to celebrate the engagement. Only thing is that his brother's fiancée is Sonya – the girl whom Roman had been dating before leaving for Moscow. Just before his arrival, Roman discovers that he was expelled, because he did not create any new projects. The creator has a crisis. All the characters have to sort out themselves and their relationships, solve old problems and try not to create new ones. But it turns out to be not easy, because Roman and Sonya catch the feelings for each other again.

David Pozdyrka is a student of the A. Antonov's workshop at SPUFT.

Echo BRICS Film Festival is an international festival that brings together filmmakers from the BRICS countries, promotes the creation of new cultural ties and introduces audience to the brightest creative representatives of the film industry.